Czechs mark 30th anniversary of Velvet Revolution

Across the country, Czechs have been marking the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in 1989, as well as commemorating student Jan Opletal and students and professors murdered by the Nazis on the same date 50 years earlier.


Jan Velinger with additional reporting by Valerie Stupniková, 17 November 2019

How Václav Havel turned into a Leader

For thirty years, Vladimír Hanzel was Václav Havel’s personal secretary, including his entire term as president. They met in 1986, brought together by a shared love of music. They also lived through the turbulent days of November 1989 together, which Hanzel recalled.


Jiří Novák, Martin Rychlík, 15 November 2019

A journey into the world of knowledge

The events of November 1989 brought about a number of changes at Charles University.


Lucie Kettnerová, Martin Rychlík , 15 November 2019

Nineteenth annual Science and Technology Week underway

The 2019 Week of Science and Technology, the biggest festival of its kind in the Czech Republic, organised by the Czech Academy of Sciences, got underway on Monday, kicking off more than 700 events. Included are lectures, workshops exhibitions, screenings, and experiments – at venues across the country. A large part of the programme will take place in Prague, including at participating faculties at Charles University.


Jan Velinger, 12 November 2019

Rich programme at CU to commemorate events of 1939/1989

Czechs, in a little over a week’s time, will be marking the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, which began on November 17, 1989 following a brutal crackdown against students by the communist riot police.


Jan Velinger, 8 November 2019

Three CU scientists receive Neuron Awards

Eight scientists – three of them from Charles University – received Neuron Awards at an official ceremony at the National Museum this week.


Jan Velinger, 7 November 2019

Join us in commemorating the events of November 17 1939/1989

Read about it and more in Special Issue of Forum Magazine.


4 November 2019

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