5 October 2012

Instructions for authors

iForum is the official magazine of Charles University. The editors reserve the right to decide on whether a text shall be included in the magazine. The magazine shall not publish texts that have already been published, or submitted for publication to another periodical.

The magazine is aimed towards not only on the academic community, but also the wider public, and published texts should therefore be written in a popular-scientific style.

Please send articles adjusted to comply with the following editorial guidelines in electronic form to the following e-mail address: . In your e-mail, please state your full academic title and contact details in the event that the editorial team needs to consult with you regarding the text.

Texts must fulfil the following formal criteria:

Format: the editorial team accepts texts in electronic form in the .doc, docx. and rtf formats.

Title: max. 60 characters incl. spaces.

Perex: max. 500 characters incl. spaces (max. 5 opening sentences containing information on the subject of the article and formulated so that the reader learns the most important information from the text).

Article: max. 4500 characters incl. spaces; max. 6,500 characters incl. spaces for interview

Information in the article is sorted according to importance

The article shall include a profile of the author (brief biography containing academic focus and chief publications), with active link to faculty (name and surname incl. academic titles, telephone and e-mail, name and address of place of work).

Editing: articles shall be subject to editing, including proofreading. The editorial team reserves the right to compose the final version of the text.

Illustrations: the author of the article shall bear responsibility for the ownership of copyright to illustrations. Do not embed images or graphs in the text; these must be sent as separate, individual files, with captions.

Please send files that larger than 10 MB via an online post-box. The editorial team shall prefer files sent in JPG format. The minimum width of photographs is 700 pixels

The editorial team shall not return unsolicited manuscripts.

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