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CU students and the public can learn Korean at the King Sejong Institute

Following a steep rise in demand for learning Korean in the Czech Republic, the King Sejong Institute has opened, in cooperation with the CU Faculty of Arts and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea (South Korea), a new branch in Prague. The first Korean lesson, which took place in the Šporka Palace, was also attended in person by the ambassador of the Republic of Korea, Moon Hayong, and the ambassador of the Czech Republic to Korea, Jaroslav Olša.

“I would like to begin by thanking those who helped set up the King Sejong Institute in Prague: the Rector of Charles University, Václav Hampl, the Head of the Department of Korean at the CU Faculty of Arts, docent Miriam Lowensteinová and others,” said ambassador Moon Hayong, noting that there has recently been increased interest in the Czech Republic in Korean culture and films, and the Czech Republic, too, has seen a rise in the number of people who want to learn Korean. At the same time he expressed his hope that people who learn Korean at the Institute can contribute to the further development of both countries. (Text of whole speech)

The King Sejong Institute is names after King Sejong the Great, who, in the 15th century, created the original Korean script, contributing to the spread of education across the whole country. The Institute is largely financed by the government of the Republic of Korea, and currently has more than 110 branches across the world. The Institute’s chief goal is to develop cultural exchange and spread the use of Korean as a second or other foreign language, thus developing worldwide awareness of Korea and its culture and language.

Qualified courses in Korean and Korean culture are open to both students of Charles University and the wider public.

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