21 January 2014

Statement of Charles University on rigorosum thesis of Mr. Andreas Scheuer

Charles University hereby states that the rigorosum thesis, on the basis of which Mr. Andreas Scheuer received the title of PhDr. at the CU faculty of Social Sciences in 2004, has been examined for alleged plagiarism. Mr. Scheuer’s thesis was digitalised and tested using the Urkund and Theses antiplagiarism software. These analyses did not show any indications of plagiarism or correspondence with the contents of websites, electronic sources, archives and book databases or scientific or other texts in digital form in the text of the rigorosum thesis.

At the same time the CU Faculty of Social Sciences contacted the German ombudsman for science, Professor Wolfgang Löwer, according to whom Andreas Scheuer’s thesis bears signs of plagiarism, with a request for cooperation. (Note: as of today (21 January 2014), neither Charles University nor the CU Faculty of Social Sciences has received any official suggestion or complaint regarding this matter from any source. The internal review was initiated on the basis of suspicions raised in the media).

In the event that any kind of plagiarism is proved, the entire matter shall immediately be passed on to the CU Ethics Committee.

Prague, 21 January 2014

Correctness verified by:

Mgr. Václav Hájek

CU Press Officer

Press and PR Office

Charles University in Prague

tel: +420 224 491 248


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