• Mysterious engineers of the ecosystem

    There are more than 3‚000 species of termites, and their combined mass is greater than the combined mass of all human beings on the planet. They’re best known as pests that can gnaw through your house, but only in recent years has more research been done into their significance for the ecosystem.

    Photo: Aleš Buček's personal archive
  • In pictures: Honouring Jan Palach’s legacy

    Even in the midst of the continuing pandemic Charles University has honoured Jan Palach, the student who in an act of protest in January 1969 doused himself in petrol and set himself alight. The drastic act, sacrificing his life, was aimed at shaking his fellow citizens out of lethargy to protest the Soviet-led invasion.

    Photo: VladimĂ­r Ĺ igut, Michael NovotnĂ˝
  • Neuron broadcast with CU experts focuses on vaccines

    Friday 15. January 2021

    Even though vaccination for Covid-19 has begun in the Czech Republic, there are still many people who remain sceptical and have expressed fear or doubts. Anyone among the broader public wanting to view a serious debate on the matter should look up a discussion that was live this week organised by the Neuron Endowment Fund.

  • Makeup at the starting line, mud at the finish

    Sunday 3. January 2021

    In her third year at the Faculty of Education, Tereza Neumanová is a woman of contrasts: someone who lives for the bike but also hopes to teach one day. Who has no qualms about grinding through the mud but carefully applies makeup before every race.

  • Welcome to the machine

    Thursday 17. December 2020

    Petr Plecháč, completing a Ph. D. at Charles University, made world headlines with his analysis of Shakespeare’s Henry VIII. It was long accepted that the play was co-authored by playwright John Fletcher, but Plecháč’s study – using machine learning – analysed word frequency patterns and rhythms to provide further evidence that the play was a collaborative effort. Henry VIII was not written by Shakespeare alone.

  • FORUM EN9 2/2020

    Readers of Forum EN can read the latest issue or older ones in our complete online archive. If you have ideas for an interesting story, please contact us.

  • Forum 52 4/2020

    Pro ÄŤtenáře Fora nabĂ­zĂ­me k prolistovánĂ­ kompletnĂ­ archiv ÄŤĂ­sel ve formátu PDF. Těšíme se na Vaše podnÄ›ty pro další tĂ©mata našeho ÄŤasopisu.

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