• An exobiologist seeking signs of life

    Jan JehliÄŤka is a pioneer of the new 21st century discipline of exobiology. Together with colleagues, and using advanced devices such as Raman spectrometers, he searches for answers to questions such as: Does life exist beyond planet Earth? Did it exist in the past? Last year he won Charles University’s Donatio award.

    Photo: Michal Novotny
  • Four wheels, one (long)board

    Over the last few years, more and more young people in the Czech Republic have taken up longboarding, a hobby and sport related to skateboarding but different in many respects. Longboards, as the name suggests, utilise a longer deck but feel very different, offering a more stable ride on softer polyurethane wheels.

    Photo: Martin Pinkas, Michal NovotnĂ˝

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