15. května 2008

Partnership in Academic Excellence

Partnership in Academic Excellence

Fourth UNICA Scholarly Communication Seminar

15-16 May 2008, Charles University, Prague

Conference Programme

14 MAY 2008

5:00-8:00      Registration                                                                                                        

7:00-8:00      Welcome Reception

DAY 1- 15 MAY 2008

Session 1: Supporting Research in Europe

Chair: Paul Ayris

9:00-9:15        Welcome by the Rector of Charles University

Welcome by the UNICA President

9:15-9:50        Keynote speaker: Norbert KROO (European Research Council)

9:50-10:00      Paul Ayris (Chair of the UNICA Scholarly Communication Group):

                         Overview of UNICA Scholarly Communication seminars

10:00-10:30    Celina Ramjoué (European Commission, DG Research) 

                         Access to scientific information: European Commission activities

10:30-11:00    COFFEE BREAK

11:00-11:30    Sijbolt Noorda (Chair of the EUA Working Group on Open Access):

                        The future of open access and other digital opportunities for science

11:30-12:00    Marie Parakova and Jitka Stejskalova (Central Library of Charles University and Institution of Scientific Information of 1st Faculty of Medicine of CHU)

                        The libraries of Charles University in Prague at present

12:00-1:30      LUNCH

Session 2: Innovations in learning environment

Chair: Kaisa Sinikara

1:30-2:00        Prof. José J. G. Moura (Director of the new library at Campus de Caparica, Faculty of Sciences & Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa):

The role and shape of a modern university library – from Science to Culture

2:00-2:30        Sandra Schaffert (Salzburg Research, EduMedia Group):

Open Educational Resources as Facilitators of Open Educational Practices: Results

    and Recommendations of the EU-Project "OLCOS".

2:30-3:00        Feedback from the academic community in developing library space and services:

Paul Ayris (University College London):

                        The library as place: what users want from libraries

Kaisa Sinikara (University of Helsinki):

                        Results of user surveys on library services 2005 and 2007 in Helsinki University

3:00-3:30        COFFEE BREAK

3:30-4:30        Discussion in breakout groups

4:30-5:15        Reporting back to plenary session

Evening           Photograph and CONFERENCE DINNER

DAY 2-16 MAY 2008

Session 3: Digital Archiving

Chair: Filippos Tsimpoglou

9:00-9:30        Bohdana Stoklasova, Jan Hutar (National Library of Czech Republic) and Pavel Krbec (Charles University Computer Centre):

                        Long-term preservation and accessing of digital documents in national and International context

9:30-10:00      Richard Davies (LIFE Project Manager, The British Library):

                         Costing Digital Preservation – the LIFE Project

10:00-10:30    COFFEE BREAK

10:30-11:00    Anne R. Kenney (Cornell University Library):

Surveying the E-Journal Preservation Landscape

11:00-11:30    Federico MILANI (European Commission, DG INFSO. E:Digital Content and Cognitive Systems, Unit eContent and Safer Internet.)

                        Digital Libraries policies of DG Information Society

11:30-12:30    Discussion in breakout groups

12:30-2:00      LUNCH

Session 4: Collaboration to enhance access

Chair: Françoise Vandooren

2:00-2:30        Javier de Jorge (Universidad Complutense Madrid):

                        Collaboration with Google Book Search

2:30-3:00        Prof Michael Hatzopoulos (University of Athens):

                        The EU DRIVER project network of institutional repositories

3:00-3:30        COFFEE BREAK

3:30-4:00        Sean Philips (Librarian, University College Dublin)

Collaboration between university libraries and the research community in Ireland

4:00-5:00        Discussion in breakout groups

5:00-5:45        Reporting back from the day discussion groups

5:45-6:00        Closing of the seminar by the Vice Rector

6:00-7:00        VISIT of the Karolinum building


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