The President of the Republic of India awarded Prof. Vacek

The prize Kural Peedam (literally the ‘Altar of Verses’) is awarded to foreign scholars, who have made an outstanding contribution to the study of classical Tamil literature. In previous years this prize has been awarded, for instance, to Prof. François Gros (Ecole Française d'Extr?me-Orient, Paris) and Prof. George L. Hart (University of California, Berkeley).


Author: Lucie Kettnerová, Martin Hříbek, 10 September 2013

‘Czechoslovakia 38-89’ computer game changes the teaching of modern history

The new ‘Czechoslovakia 38-89’ educational game allows students to experience key moments of Czech and Czechoslovakian modern history from the point of view of a variety of characters.


Author: Petra Köpplová, 28 August 2013

Summer in Israel. Students uncover history in new archaeological locations

Six students of the CU Protestant Theological Faculty have been given a unique opportunity to travel to Israel in the summer, together with CU Vice Rector docent Martin Prudký and Dr. Filip Čapek, and participate in research at the Tel Azekah archaeological site, which is organised by the Lautenschläger Azekah Excavation Project consortium.


Author: Helena Stinglová, 11 July 2013

Scientists from Anthropictures studio help to make life in towns better

Their aim is to make life in public spaces better, help town councils find the best way to develop their communities and also to increase public awareness of social anthropology. They call themselves the Anthropictures studio. The members of this studio are social anthropologists from universities all over the Czech Republic. One of them is Markéta Slavková, a postgraduate student at the CU Faculty of Humanities.


Author: Helena Stinglová, 4 July 2013

Statement of the rector of CU on the ‘Students write Wikipedia’ project

The key mission of Charles University is the development and propagation of knowledge and education. The University can find the purpose of its existence laid out in the famous text, dear to the university, of Charles’ deed of foundation, which states that those who “hunger for the fruits of knowledge” shall, in the university, find a “table laid out for their pleasure”.


Author: CU Rector, Professor Václav Hampl, 3 July 2013

CU reaps success at light circuit in Trieste

Charles University and the Physics Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic own an optical circuit for matter research at the Elettra synchrotron in Trieste, Italy. The circuit is administered for CU by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and allows a team of experts headed by Professor Vladimír Matolín to carry out unique experiments in resonance spectroscopy in cerium oxide.


Author: Petra Köpplova, 26 June 2013

PRVOUK brings together researchers who have until now known each other by name

A year ago, Charles University launched PRVOUK, a set of programmes offering scientists and scholars the opportunity for interdisciplinary co-operation and intergenerational research teams. How successful was the launch of the dialogue between disciplines and generations in the programme entitled History in Interdisciplinary Perspective? Doc. Marie Šedivá Koldinská, a member of the programme's board, explains.


Author: Kristýna Tesařová (Faculty of Arts ); red., 11 June 2013

Liquid asphalt, molten glass: studying fluid dynamics at the Nečas Centre for Mathematic Modelling

Mathematic models help us to understand the flow of blood through capillaries, behaviour of molten glass, flow patterns of asphalt and the movement of icebergs or the Earth’s crust. New theoretical questions associated with fluid dynamics and the deformation of various materials constantly crop up in practise, and the most interesting of these are addressed by the internationally recognised Nečas Centre for Mathematic Modelling.


14 May 2013

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