Particle physics offers an opportunity to shed light on new mysteries

A team of physicists and students from the CU Faculty of Mathematics and Physics working on the CERN´s ATLAS experiment received the Miloslav Petrusek Award for the presentation of the Charles University at a festive ceremony in the Carolinum on April 3. We have asked Doc. Rupert Leitner, who received the award on behalf of the team, to tell us about the search for Higgs boson.


Author: Petra Köpplová, 3 April 2013

Chelyabinsk meteorite being studied by scientists from the Faculty of Science

As soon as the news that a large meteorite had fallen near the town of Chelyabinsk started spreading around the world on February 15, Dr. Gunther Kletetschka, Ph.D., from the CU Faculty of Science, started organising an expedition to Russia. Together with his student Ladislav Nábělek and Darja Kawasumi, a specialist in international relations, they were the first foreign researchers to carry out field research in the area where the meteorite fell. One of the things they are searching for is, for example, whether some hitherto unknown organism didn’t fall to Earth with the meteorite.


Author: Helena Stinglová, 20 March 2013

The Twentieth Century in 52 000 autobiographical Narratives at CU

Malach Centre for Visual History is located at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague. The Centre provides local access to vast Visual History Archive of interviews with Holocaust witnesses and survivors. The archive is administered by the Shoah Foundation at the University of Southern California and fully accessible through an on-line interface. Almost 52 000 interviews have been conducted between 1994 and 2000 in 56 countries and 32 languages.


Author: Jakub Mlynář , 4 March 2013

Forensic phonetics uses voice to identify criminals

Is the accused person identical to the anonymous caller on the audio recording? A forensic phonetician might help crime investigators reveal the truth; unfortunately, very few experts have such a specialization in this country. Therefore, the Institute of Phonetics, CU FA, has now launched, for the first time, a seminar of forensic phonetics, with an ambition to satisfy the demand for such specialists. Doc. Mgr. Radek Skarnitzl, Ph.D. is the instructor.


Author: Lucie Kettnerová, 4 March 2013

Björn Reynir Halldórsson: From Iceland to Prague

“You’re the first person from Iceland I’ve met.” This is a comment Björn Reynir Halldórsson, a young historian from the University Haskoli Islands in Reykjavík heard a lot when making new friends during his time as an Erasmus student at Charles University in Prague, in the academic year 2011/12.


Author: Ivana Herglová, 1 February 2013

Prague faced with depopulation of city centre and influx of migrants

How is Prague developing under the influence of the social and economic transformation that has been taking place in Czech society over the last twenty years? An answer to this question was sought by a team of social geographers from the Urban and Regional Laboratory of the Faculty of Science of Charles University in a study entitled Social Changes in the Districts of Prague. The study, published in the middle of this year, was edited by doc. RNDr. Martin Ouředníček, Ph.D., and RNDr. Jana Temelová, Ph.D.


Author: Helena Stinglová, 31 December 2012

Illustrations score high in Science is Beautiful competition

The Charles University Faculty of Science’s pre-Christmas concert, at which Jaroslav Svěcený introduced the audience to the mysteries of the Baroque violin, had an unconventional start, as the winners of the fourth edition of the Science is Beautiful competition were announced.


Author: Lucie Kettnerová, 18 December 2012

Extraordinary Discovery by Czech Egyptologists from the time of the pyramid builders

Czech Egyptologists from the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague discovered a burial complex of high officers of the Egyptian Old Kingdom, including the court of an Egyptian Princess dating back to approximately 2500 BC. “This extraordinary discovery opens a new chapter in the history of the burial site in Abusir,” commented Prof. Miroslav Bárta, the head of the archaeological expedition in Abusir, about the success of the Czech team.


Author: Czech Institute of Egyptology, 3 November 2012

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